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E492 Tristéarate de sorbitane

E492 Tristéarate de sorbitaneSorbitan tristearate is an emulsifier. It ensures volume gain in bakery products, gives a creamy texture to margarine, allows the incorporation and stabilization of small air bubbles in creams. Few data on this additive are available. Nevertheless, more generally, various studies carried out on mice suggest that the consumption of emulsifiers could cause an increase in the permeability of the intestinal barrier and thus promote chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestine, increased adiposity (metabolic syndrome) and the development of diabetes. These additives could also disturb the balance of the intestinal flora, promoting autoimmune reactions. Finally, the chronic intestinal inflammation caused by these emulsifiers could promote the development of colon cancer.

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Flavoured fermented milk products, sauces, bakery products, confectionery, chewing gum, ice cream, food for special medical purposes, diet products, baker's yeast, dietary supplements, jellies and marmalades, in particular.

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